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E101 Image Synopsis Notes

Be glad... I spared everyone and went back through what I typed to correct glaring spelling problems.

Image Synopsis Notes:

-Epic story/mythology

-Deconstruction of standard views of good and evil




-Freedom for the chance to be an individual

-Realizing potential

-Chaos (Reality) vs. Void (Unreality)

-Group of young people vs. Oppressive force

-Archetype=Man vs. Machine

-Take concepts of balance, freedom vs oppression, individuality vs. conformity and present them in an unconventional, interesting and, might it be said, awesome way

-Balance and change

-Give readers something to think about

-Provoke thought

-Target male and females that ever felt like outsiders or ever felt as thought something was inherently wrong with existence


-Addresses problems in a fictional, exciting, and often amusing way.

-Finite series, know where we want to take it

-Subject matter is dedicated to making the reader think even if it must do so with a sledge hammer and pickaxe

-Realizing you’re part of something greater than yourself and that there are forcers even greater than that behind everything

-learning how to make decisions for the greater good.

-not being afraid to destroy all that you’re familiar with in the hopes that something better will emerge

-realizing you’re not the focus of everything

-making sacrifices

-want our creations to inspire and provoke thought in others

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