Grymm (thebadgergrymm) wrote in voodoo_walrus,

Advent Kingdom Stuff

Nick Corrin:
Animal: Eurasian Lynx
Powers: N/A

Ed Whitmore:
Animal: African Elephant
Powers: Secretes a fluid from his pores that is completely non-flammable. Can also harden to protect from some lesser forms of physical attack.

Sean McNamara:
Animal: Pine Marten
Powers: 'Luck'. Odds have a tendency to stack in his favor in dire situations. Having the power of creating coincidences leads to some being skeptical of whether he has powers at all.

Erica Hayman:
Animal: Bat
Powers: Capable of using high frequency sonics to confuse, inducing migraines, and rupturing brains.

Nathan Gleyre:
Animal: Iguana
Powers: Able to alter his body and to an extent, his abilites for almost any situation.

Notes: When powers to occur in morphiens, its typically based on a specific need. In other words if at the time the powers are emerging, the subject is in the middle of a burning building, they may find themselves secreting a fireproof liquid, spewing water out of their body, or throwing up some kind of kinetic shield around them. From there the power is what it is.

Nathan Ideas:
Where his father 'Doc Genus' believed in simply helping by giving them the chance to alter themselves and fit into life how they see fit, Nathan wants to rush the jump of stabilizing the entire race and to an extent, make them like himself: able to control their own body however they'd like. At the same time he's on his own crusade force the morphien gene sequence into those who don't have it and look down and morphiens in general.
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