Grymm (thebadgergrymm) wrote in voodoo_walrus,


So... uh... yeah. How's everyone doin'?

Eh heh... Not much been goin' down here recently and I felt it was time to post something, anything at all so here it goes:

The Adam sketch is in the works. The Veil sketch is kinda in the works. And I'm pretty sure Adam's delivered the first issue script into the hands of his professor that teachers his tradepaperback class. I.E.: we'll be getting feedback from a professional that doesn't come in the form of an impersonal form letter.

If it wasn't for wanting to see what the professor has to say, I'd probably have started up the work on the actual pages this week. But I want to see if he suggests anything that would lead to any changes in the story before I commit to the panel work.

Adam, Veil, Lain, Clemmins, Ellis, and Eichholtz and still have to be drawn.


And here I am thinking about how much I want to go and sketch out the designs for that 'Night Shift' mini-series again.
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