Grymm (thebadgergrymm) wrote in voodoo_walrus,

Is Someone You Know Suffering from Void Corruption?

Use this handy dandy field guide to Void Corruption to stay one step ahead!

- Is the subjecting exhibiting obsessive compulsive urges to purge their life of all chaos and force everyone around them to conform to their perception of order?

- Look closely at the subject's eyes. Inhumanly large pupils, lack of corneas, blue and/or black blooshot effects, and thick ooze-like blue and/or black tears are all evidence of Void Corruptuon.

- Are they acting oddly? The newly corrupted will often be victim to a transition period in which they act utterly detached from everything, barely communicate to others, and tend to wander aimlessly with completely blank faces.

- Careful examination will bring about the observation that a victim of Void Corruption has been physically altered in small, usually unnoticable ways. A few examples of alterations that can occur include:

* Heavy dark blue bags uner the eyes
* Blackened fingernails
* A very fine webbing of blue and black veins barely visible under the skin
* Fingertips that almost look as though they've become pointed and talon-like.
* The number of teeth in their jaw seems not only to have doubled but all have taken on a slightly sharper more fang like appearence. Sometimes the gums and/or teeth themselves take on blue-ish and black-ish tints.

Remember that Void Corruption is a serious, deadly, and incurable problem. if you think someone you know has fallen victim to Corruption, alert the necessary operatives immediately so they may "rectify the situation".
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