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Image Synopsis

I'm the first to come up with something eh?

I hope you guys weren't waiting for me to set some kind of spring board you could work off of... Rather we all take our own unique twists and turns on this bitching bitch of a bastard. But ya know what? Whatever works and whatever's awesome at this point. S'all that's important.

I warn you though, I have no actual closer for this thing. Its just kind left hanging. Not quite  a type a page in 10 point font of Word. So that's good...


E101 Image Synopsis: Grymm Version---


Entropy 101 Creative Team
10256 New Britton Road
Mechanicsville, VA. 23116

    Existence hinges on a harmony between opposing forces: positive and negative, good and evil, creation and destruction. If this harmony is disrupted, something must be done to right it. That is the most basic idea at the core of ‘Entropy 101, a conflict of opposites.

Skimming the surface, the plot takes place in the city of Genopolis, specifically the city’s redundantly named experimental high school First Genesis. The school is actually one of many areas focused on experiments in brainwashing, behavior control, and other augmentations of the mind and body. The ultimate goal of such areas is to tear asunder reality and lay the universe open and vulnerable to the all destroying “Unreality” that perpetually seeks ways to consume and blot out all that exists. This is the master plan of the being known as Nudge, a fallen god for lack of a better term that’s now right hand man, herald, and emissary of the Unreality.
    In the halls of First Genesis, most students are blind to the subtle hints that they’re nothing but guinea pigs. Fortunately, the few that resist subliminal commands in the announcements and the chemical laced cafeteria food have realized that something is amiss and most have banded together into a rough collective that does its best to combat the conformity and oppressive order they see all around themselves. The Administration refers to them as anarchists, they prefer to think of themselves as a ‘Guild’. The more the Guild works to show their fellow students they’re being manipulated, the more the Guild itself learns that the problems with things aren’t just limited to mild mind control. Eventually they learn that they’re caught right in the middle of forces grappling between the devastation of everything they know and more and safety of reality itself.

    What we’re looking to do with this story is create a 24-page, full colored, monthly finite series. We have specific story we want to tell and we know both where it’s coming from and where it’s going. We know the themes we want to get across like balance of opposing forces, deconstruction of what’s commonly thought of as good and evil, and even the struggle between freedom and oppressive on both physical and psychological levels. And of course we’re looking to create subject matter dedicated to occasionally making the reader think outside the pre-molded, pre-folded, pre-fabricated box even if it must done so with a sledge hammer and pickaxe. That there box won’t stand a chance!

As far as the target audience for the book, we’re not aiming for everyone and anyone. We’re aiming for those people out there that despite everything, have a sinking feeling that there’s something off, something odd, something inherently wrong with the way things work. Those people who in essence wish they could see it changed or even help to change things themselves. Those that feel like outsiders of a flawed system, those that feel oppressed by life in general, or just those that enjoy a good read that’ll expose them to new ideas and ways of thinking about things. Of course we also see ‘Entropy 101’ appealing to those readers that enjoy a elements of conspiracy, science-fiction, a smattering of the occult, a dice of comedy, and even a wee bit of horror. But in essence, we’re delivering escapism in exciting, thought provoking, character driven, even, shall we say, awesomeness to any seeking said escapism.

-From Here Until the Eventual Return,
The Voodoo Walrus Creative Team
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