Grymm (thebadgergrymm) wrote in voodoo_walrus,

Demonic Possession

As with so many ideas that have been generated, I have no idea when this might be put into effect but I I came up with an idea on how this sort of thing would work in the comics.
Bascially demons that have excapetional skill in astral projection send their consciousnesses into humans as use the bodies as camoflauge. If things work well, no one's the wiser to the fact that a person's possessed, the demon does what it has to do, and then it retracts its consciousness back.
Though there are risks, if the target of possession happens to be a psi of huge untapped power, or someone with a particularly strong force of will, the projection is subject to being reflected and sometimes even trapped by the human's mind. In such cases the more Hollywood-esque style of possession is seen as the both parties fight one another.
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